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SPRINT_SARI.logo2SPRINT-SARI EARL study is led by Prof Alistair Nichol which aims to track the research ethics committee (REC)/ institutional review board (IRB) application reviewing timelines for the global observational study SPRINT SARI, for review under the current national legislation in each participating country. Specifically, the aim is to understand the time taken for regulatory approvals in each country and to identify what the factors that determine or may influence the time line of approval process on a global level. This iterative process will allow researchers in ISARIC and outside to streamline applications to optimise the chances for timely approval.

This research follow and describe the application of SPRINT–SARI for all applicable EARL approvals in each participating region/ nation. This study will describe the experience of the researcher submitting the applications and the differing responses received and timelines of the committees (i.e. ethics committees) to a single protocol used in SPRINT-SARI that may create barriers to the rapid deployment of future observational studies and clinical trials in the event of a pandemic.

Study Documents: