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SPRINT-SARI is commencing in this winter

SPRINT_SARI.logo2SPRINT-SARI (Short PeRiod IncideNce sTudy of Severe Acute Respiratory Infection) is commencing during the northern hemispheric winter (2015/2016) and following on during the subsequent southern hemispheric winter (2016). Tropical regions are expected to participate in-between these times.

SPRINT-SARI is an international, multi-centre, prospective, short period incidence observational study of patients in participating hospitals and intensive care units (ICUs) with SARI. The primary aim of this study is to establish a research response capability for a future epidemic / pandemic through a global SARI observational study. The secondary aim of this study is to investigate the descriptive epidemiology and microbiology profiles of patients with SARI. The tertiary aim of this study is to assess the Ethics, Administrative, Regulatory and Logistic (EARL) barriers to conducting pandemic research on a global level.

Prof Alistair Nichol leads the SPRINT-SARI EARL study.